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voodoo custom tackle
Voodoo Custom Tackle - Product Index
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"The Pill" tube jig
1/16 painted tube - gold with Ruby dot 40 pk
1/16 painted tube jig - baby bass 40 pk
1/32 gold head stonefly jig- limited stock
12 assorted marabou jigs mix size and colors
4MM MINI Bead Jig
6 mm Bead Jigs
Bead Jig Kit
Bead Jig Pins
Black 'F' Bomb Jig
Build a Marabou - assorted colors, 2-pack
Closeout 3/8 oz gold ball BARBLESS- 10 pack
Crow Jane
Custom tie - 1/16 oz All white marabou minnow
December Jig of the month- Voodoo Chronic
Eagle claw #500 Lil nasty black nickel #6 /50 pk
Eagle claw #500 Lil nasty red #6 /50 pk
Gamakatsu jig hook size 10 / 50 PER PACK
Gift Certificate
Heavyweight Voodoo Hoodies- Large
Heavyweight Voodoo Hoodies- X Large
Heavyweight Voodoo Hoodies- XXLarge
Heavyweight Voodoo Hoodies- XXXLarge
Jig of the month - April. 1/8 oz Bucktail ball jigs
Jig of the month May- 1/16 Trout crack minnow marabou
Jigheads - Round head, No collar, Painted, 40-pack
Jigheads - Round head, No collar, Painted, 5-pack
Jigheads - Round head, no collar, unpainted, 40-pack
Jigheads - Round head, no collar, unpainted, 7-pack
Large decal 12 x 12
Magnum bead jig- peachy pink with black hair
Natural Honey & Olive- 6mm
Panfish / Inland trout jighead unpainted
Panfish jig hook- 9147 #12 red
Panfish jig hook- Matzuo #12 gold
Panfish jig hook- VMC 7143 red #8
Precision Minnow jighead
Purple madness- 12 purple marabou jigs
Rabbit Hair Jigs
Shad Dart - gold plated
Tube jig bodies
Tube Jigheads - Unpainted tube heads, 40 pack
Tube Jigheads - Unpainted tube heads, 7 pack
Tungsten Marabou jigs
Voodoo Custom Tackle Gift grab bag
Voodoo Custom tie- Vanilla Mt Dew
Voodoo Jig Hooks 100 & 1000 packs
Voodoo nightmare
Voodoo Proven Marabou Colors - assorted colors, 2-pack
Voodoo skull jigs - 4 pack assorted
Voodoo swag/ Tee's - Large
Voodoo swag/ Tee's - XL
Voodoo swag/ Tee's - XXLarge
Voodoo swag/ Tee's - XXXLarge
Wooly Bugger Tungsten jigs
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