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About Us

Voodoo Custom Tackle
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Voodoo custom tackle is a part time family business created by myself, Tom Andrews. I am a dedicated Steelhead fisherman that grew up chasing fish in all tribs of Lake Ontario and Erie. One day I became so frustrated loosing many dollars and fish to sub par jigs, I vowed to make an outstanding jig that could handle all of the great lakes monsters.

After many trials and failures, I have created what I believe to be the best jig for great lakes tributary salmon, trout and steelhead.

It all starts with a sharp strong hook. Very strong. Upon testing many commercially available jig hooks, I found none that matched my standards. So, I set out to have hooks made specifically for this application. This was no easy task for a small business. In time we began working with a major company that would make hooks to my exact measurements. The hooks would be razor sharp and 3x strong. These hooks are not available from anybody except us.

Voodoo ‘Custom Tackle’ means just that. We will tie steelhead jigs to your favorite colors and patterns with premium feathers and fur along with baked-on, chip-proof paint or electro-plated. We have no ‘stock’ colors that are sitting on the shelf. Now, that being said we do know what works. Black, whites, olives, pink, chartreuse are always popular and catch fish! We suggest ordering early and often for the best turn around time, as lead times can vary especially during the peak season.

Here at Voodoo we want to offer you a premium product at a competitive price that you will have confidence in every time you’re on the water. The magic is in the hook!